Settling In

Most of our children join in September, and we run a series of settling in sessions to welcome our new arrivals. This provides reassurance for the children and their families and helps the staff to get to know the new children.

Taster session

First there is a 45-minute taster session, allowing your child to experience a typical session at preschool. This is a chance to get to know your child’s play partner who will also make arrangements for a 30-minute home visit over the summer. If you are unable to attend this session, you will be contacted separately.

Home visit

This is a valuable opportunity for us to start getting to know your child and allows your child to begin building a relationship with their play partner. It is important that your child feels safe and able to develop this relationship at their own pace.

Some children prefer to sit quietly or go off into another room while you talk with their play partner, others are ready to engage and play immediately. Either way, the home visit is a useful starting point for both the families and the play partner.

To support us in getting to know your child we ask you to fill in a ‘Unique Child Booklet’ and we will talk through this with you. We want to know all about your child’s interests, their likes and dislikes, any concerns that you may have prior to your child starting at the preschool, and anything that may help them to settle. The more information we have the better at this stage. For example, some children like to request a particular activity that they know they will be able to do when they arrive on their first day, others enjoy the surprise element.


The sessions for children starting in September 2019 are as follows and dates will be confirmed in the welcome packs issued to new families during the summer term:

July 2019 – date tbc - Free taster session for new children (parents and carers to remain with their children)

Friday 5th July 2019 - 5-7pm - Barbecue for all current and new preschool families

July/August 2019 - 30-minute home visit from your child's new play partner

Start of Term 1 (September 2019) - Full sessions or short taster sessions for new children (with or without parents/carers depending on your child's needs)  

For children who join the preschool during the year, we offer a home visit and a settling in period tailored to the individual child’s needs.