Following Fascinations

Half term saw the return of the preschool room, and a group of wonderful volunteers freshened it up for the children to come back to. It is great to have the use of this room and we are all so grateful to belong to such a caring community who give their time and support.

Following Fascinations is truly allowing for the children to lead the experiences at preschool, and it is so lovely to see them so highly engaged and motivated in their play. So many varied activities have been enjoyed, including helping to construct a bird table using real tools, mark making to music which is now displayed in our room, looking at dinosaurs, going on a shape hunt and problem solving creating shelters which are waterproof!

At the core of all we do, is developing and nurturing the children on their learning journey, and this is achieved through a variety of activities, promoting their self-confidence and self-esteem. Using familiar toys, such as the Wow Cow cuddly, this allows children to have their say, and experience first-hand that their opinion and words are valued. It was so lovely to hear all about the fun that the children had over their half term holiday, and it is so rewarding when children feel empowered to speak up when they once wouldn’t have wanted to.

For World Book Day, we are dedicating a week to animal themed explorations, starting with a visit from Tropical Discoveries, with a range of creepy crawlies coming to join us! We have lots of habitats to find who lives there for our Forest School adventures, and we are all looking forward to seeing the costumes the children will choose to dress up in, and take part in a dressing up parade, as well as other lovely fun activities.

Cooking is always enjoyed by all, and our very own recipe book is now filling up with tasty delights the children have made.

For the next parent workshop, we are focusing on maths and physical development. To start, there will be a lively Zumba session, followed by different maths based stations which promote the training strategies from a recent course. It is always a special session to be able to showcase the activities the children enjoy with their parents, so we as practitioners can explain the rationale behind all the fun!

New Year, New Beginnings...

With an aptly named topic “New Beginnings”, the children have all settled back into the preschool routines beautifully after Christmas and New Year celebrations. We have welcomed five new children into the setting, and we have a new staff member, Kerry.

We reflected on what was a wonderful end to the year, thinking back to our Christmas party, which ended with a delicious Christmas Roast dinner and Father Christmas himself coming to visit us! Our Christmas Owls performance was so special, with all the children doing an absolutely amazing job!

New Beginnings allows us to explore many different concepts with the children, following their fascinations and discovering how we can extend their learning in creative ways utilising all the space available. This week we have been thinking about the year ahead, and the children all helped to create a collaborative calendar. Using the hall in a range of ways has been exciting for the children, and they have shown their wonderful risk benefit play through obstacle courses and team games. The children are articulating their thoughts, and displaying their confidence in their own abilities, trying out new activities with a real ‘can do’ attitude. Throughout this term we will be looking at animals, the world around us, and how things work. The children will have the opportunity to be chefs and story makers as well. Alongside this, we are focusing on a book “The Magic Porridge Pot” to allow the children to extend their understanding of stories and concepts explored. They will learn Makaton signs for the words, as well as turn their hand to creating their own books. We are all excited to see how the children shape this lovely way of learning through a story.

Forest school is truly magical this term, with the adventures taking us up to Mr. Owl’s tree. The children are encouraged to write letters to ‘Mr. Owl’, developing their fine motor skills whilst also thinking about questions they could ask about the natural world.

We had a lovely yoga parent workshop last year, and this year we are continuing to encourage families to share their child’s learning journey by putting together a phonics and fine motor skills workshop this month. We will be showcasing how everyday activities promote and develop children’s reading and writing skills. This will support children, and their families further on through their education adventures.