Harvest celebrations

As we finished the first half term of this academic year, it was lovely for the children to perform the Harvest celebration songs they enjoyed practising so much to their families. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of families with the kind donations to the Genesis Trust Foodbank in Bath, and by the number of families able to join us to watch the wonderful singing by the children.

Many activities supported the children’s development in all areas of learning, in fun, engaging ways. We were able to utilise the outdoor environment, which lent itself to exploring the natural resources available. Natural art pictures were created, with children noticing the differences in leaves and why this is happening – providing discussions around seasons changing. Potions were invented, after the children were excited to drink the first hot chocolates of this year from the Kelly Kettle during our Forest adventures. This was in preparation for our weekly Forest School walks after half term, where the children will explore the local village, visiting different areas each week. Whilst thinking about Halloween, the children developed their fine motor skills, having fun hammering golf tees into pumpkins. It was great to see how proud they all were of their achievements.

Our new topic for this coming term is “Get up and Go!” The children have been curious about different transportation methods, especially with rockets and boats, and so we feel this lends itself to further discoveries around moving and travelling, alongside being able to celebrate the different festivals and events happening in the lead up to Christmas. We are all looking forward to seeing where the children’s imaginations take this open ended topic. Next term we are venturing out on our first outing to Bath which is set to be enjoyable for all. Yoga will be an experience for families as well as the children, with preschool hosting their first parent workshop! We are excited to be able to showcase the wonderful experiences on offer in this way, and hope this supports families with their children’s learning and development.

Amazing Me!

This term, our topic is "Amazing Me!" All the children have shown how amazing they are, with settling into preschool wonderfully, and having such fun! It is magical to see friendships forging, and children gaining the confidence to speak up in groups and join in with activities. We have enjoyed a varied range of activities, utilising the full space we have on offer. The children have shown a keen fascination in cooking, and so each week we have baked a different recipe. So far, they have made courgette bread, vegetable soup, cheese scones and apple pies. Many of the ingredients were brought in by preschool families, empowering the children to take ownership and take an interest in gardening. The role play area has also evolved and changed throughout the weeks, from a shoe shop, traditional kitchen, to a farm shop! This allows for open ended play to be explored, with the grown-ups developing and extending learning naturally through the children's play.

Story sacks have sparked lovely discussions and enabled the children to take part in a variety of games together, including dominoes and a memory game. This promotes the children's turn taking and listening skills in fun, engaging ways. The stories also encourage the children to join in with repeated refrains, and to make up signs for different words, promoting early Makaton skills, which are used during song times as well.

With the weather being kind, we have been able to be out in the garden using the natural environment. The hedgehogs are well looked after, with the children helping to construct a hedgehog home, using real tools, as well as getting messy making bird feeders! 

We are looking forward to our first yoga session of the term, and a visit from Riverford veg, to talk about how to create a rainbow of colours on our plates.