And we're off....!

Our new academic year has started so positively, with the children settling into preschool well, and enjoying being part of a group. We are continuing with “In the moment” planning, to enable us to follow the children’s current fascinations. This meant this week we created our own flying objects, out of paper and straws! The children have made the most of all areas of preschool, both inside and outside, and their enthusiasm and excitement is infectious! We continue our weekly sports sessions every Wednesday, which allows the children to engage in physical activities together, whilst listening to instructions and joining in with team games.

Outside, the new musical equipment has been used lots, with the children interested in the different sounds they can make, as well as making up tunes with their friends. The weather has been (mainly!) kind to us so far and we have made the most of it, enjoying time on the field, at the park and having a picnic outside to end our first preschool week.

Over the next few months we are going to be trialling supervised tooth brushing, which will support us in working towards the Public Health Programme. Using puppets and books as a stimulus has enabled conversations around dental hygiene in fun ways. Once we get started, we hope this will benefit all families in some way - be it information on teeth, brushing techniques, or promoting a positive mindset to brushing twice a day!

As the seasons are changing, our thoughts turn to Harvest and Autumn. The children are helping to create the display boards in their preschool room, and a gallery of their mark making is brightening up the room already! Alongside the gallery, there is a seasons board, which the children have been busy painting and decorating to highlight the seasonal changes. When the children take ownership of their environment it is lovely to see their sense of pride in their achievements. They are truly incorporating all elements of our ethos – Explore, Create and Discover!

We will be planning our first outing for this year shortly, as well as venturing further afield during our fun Forest School sessions. Busy but brilliant times here at Freshford Preschool!

Reflecting on our wonderful year...

This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Freshford Preschool being open! This is such a wonderful achievement, and definitely worth celebrating. Our committee are thinking of ways to mark the occasion so all involved can be a part of it. Watch this space!

This academic year has, as always, been action packed and full of fun and adventures. The children have all flourished, and the staff team feel so privileged to see them grow and develop through the months.

To maintain and develop our ‘child at the centre’ approach, we have made some changes during the year. We now follow the same phonics and maths schemes as the local school, ensuring the transition to school can be as smooth as possible. Alongside this, we have moved to ‘in the moment’ planning where children ‘lead’ the planning as the staff following their current interests. We have been known to be exploring space one day, followed with water play and canal systems the next! It’s been a great success: the children have been highly engaged and motivated in all their choices which has had a strong positive effect on their learning and development. Extending ideas, supporting play and noticing interests has all helped with this, and the children are so curious in all they do.

Our local community has played a big part in our activities this year, as well as venturing further afield! Bell ringing at the church, followed by singing at the Old Bakery was a highlight before Christmas, and heading out on a train journey to Bath to visit the Victoria Art Gallery was just wonderful! The rain couldn’t dampen our spirits during an outing to Bath City Farm in June, which continued the theme of wet farm trips, after an Easter trip to Peipards where some children were lucky enough to see a lamb being born.

It’s thanks to the amazing support and dedication of the families involved that Freshford Preschool has such a warm, family feel to it. Families and local community have all supported our fundraising events this year and the money raised has enabled us to buy some wonderful outdoor musical instruments for the garden. We have also offered parent workshops to support families with understanding how they can help their child learn, using methods tried and tested at our setting! ‘Borrow Bags’ go home regularly, promoting physical development play and empowering families to realise how everyday activities support their child. We had a wonderful turnout for the annual sporty day and also for our end of term Graduation, where the children put on an amazing show, taking families back through the seasons to remember their journey this year.

While some children embark on their next adventures at school in September, we are very much looking forward to welcoming some children back for their final preschool year, as well as some new children joining us. This year is set to be a fun filled one as well, with lots of activities which will inspire and empower. Children will create, explore and discover each day in all they do – with games, friendships and interests developing. We look forward to seeing where they will take us!