Following Fascinations - Links to learning

Week 1 -Term 4


Communication and Language

Listening and attention



·      Following instructions during games, activities and jobs.

·      Adult led group discussions, taking turns to listen to each other and have our own ideas of what to say.

·      Making time to talk with each child everyday, sharing news from half term.

·      Singing and rhyme times.



Personal,Social and Emotional Development

Managing feelings and behavior

Self- confidence and self- awareness

Managing feelings and behaviour

·      Thinking about how we are feeling and talking about different emotions. We made emotion faces to help us talk about this.

·      Building friendships and having fun together with open ended resources, sharing ideas and enjoying each others company.

·      Celebrating wow moments from home and preschool. Please send in ‘Wows’ anytime for your child to show.








Physical Development

Health and self care

Moving and handling

·      Mastering washing up each day after snack and being independent putting plates up.

·      Developing fine motor control though playing with pegs/threading.

·      Negotiating uneven ground at forest school.

·      Learning to be safe but still face challenge while playing outside.

·      Scissor skills open ended cutting.




Shape space and measure

·      Dinosaur games matching, comparing, counting.

·      Measuring heights.

·      Shape hunt outside.

·      Small group card matching shape games.

·     Problem solving to build houses and testing our ideas.


Understanding the world

People and communities



·      Sharing news from our half terms with our families.

·      Making mixtures with mud.

·      Enjoying our outside and forest school.

·      Building bird house – using tools and birds nests at forest school.

·      Talking about where seeds come from, observing a dried sunflower and Planting its hundreds of seeds.

·      Crazy circuits – making an electrical circuit as a group to power a light.



Expressive Art and Design

Exploring and using media and materials

Being imaginative

·      Experimenting with the light box and blending different colours to see what will happen.

·      Printing and painting with vegetables.

·      Role play home corner.

·      Den building.

·      Listening to music and stories on our music station.





·      Write Dance.

·      Painting with vegetables.

·      Using big white board on the floor with White board pens and rubbers.

·      Making up our own stories and scenarios in the home corner to act out.

·      Writing on clipboards in construction area.

·      Group time and 1-1 reading and enjoying fiction and non- fiction  books.