Tapestry ‘Learning Journals’

This is an online journal which includes written observations and photographs made by all staff. Parents can log in and securely view their own child’s observations as they are published.

These observations are used by your child’s play partner to complete your child’s ‘next steps’ in their learning.

If you want to pass on any significant milestones from home (e.g. writing a letter or recognising a number or skipping for the first time etc.) please share this information with your child’s play partner as it all contributes to their ‘Learning Journal’.

Parent Consultations

We hold parent consultations three times during the year, where you will meet with your child’s play partner individually to discuss how your child is doing at preschool and what their next steps are.

We have an open-door policy, where we encourage regular discussions between staff and parents to ensure your child’s needs are fully met during their time at preschool.

If at any time you have any concerns or queries about anything happening at preschool please make your child’s play partner the first point of contact. In their absence please speak to any other member of staff.