Wood Glorious Wood

posted 4 Jun 2014, 13:29 by Rosy Ritchie
Having cancelled our forest based session today the weather didnt turn out to be as bad as we had expected! Instead however we quickly put in place a 'Celebration of Wood' back at  the memorial hall.  We looked together at a newly pot planted Ash sabling, talked about Ash die back and found out more about Ash trees (including their mature height and their Ash keys). We all thought it was funny that two of our children share their names with trees!
     Next we honed our wood work skills by looking at nails, screws, bolts and wing nut bolts. Everyone did really well at trying to thread the bolts onto screws, we think this required great fine motor control and persistance. After snack which of course was hot choc and biscuits, we free played with our large and small community bricks, trolleys and rainbow scalves. Libby and Rosy ran mini wood work workshops where all the children got the opportunity to use the manual and electric drill, the screw driver, the hammer and the sand paper. Some of the children made pencil holders, necklace hooks and horses. We hope you liked their handy work. 
Next week Jo we will be bringing the story of the Three Bears to the forest and Rosy will be introducing some abseiling!