What is a Wood?

posted 17 Apr 2015, 02:20 by Rosy Ritchie

What glorious weather we had to welcome us to Hogwood on Wednesday. Most of the children managed the drop off start really well and were excited to find out what adventures were ahead of them. Straight away we were having new conversations about this fantastic outdoor setting. Questions such as “What is the difference between a wood and a forest?” and “Is this tree thousands of years old?” were being asked.

We were pleased we had our own PreSchool drawn map to show us the way to base camp as we had to pass through three kissing gates, two fields and along a woodland path. Once at our base we had a guided tour of the ‘facilities’: Base tarp, fire circle, forest toilet and boundary flags.  We played hide and seek to get to know the space better.

Lots of children helped Rosy set the fire and collect sticks to heat the hot choc water. Many stayed to watch the flames and smoke.  After snack Ollie the Owl had letters to deliver (he apparently can fly as far as this wood if any children want to write to him we will give him the letter). Then we collected some forest flowers, leaves, moss and small sticks to decorate our own forest bookmarks. With the help of our information books we began to name some of the things we used.  

Next week we will have a good think about what makes a fire, how to keep yourself safe from fires, and how our storm kettle works. Debbie will be organising a fantastic den building session.

PLEASE NOTE: Your child’s lunch needs to be in a back pack so that their hands are free to explore the forest.  Some back packs were very heavy, we have spare clothes for any change needed.