We've caught the forest bug!

posted 13 May 2015, 12:25 by Rosy Ritchie

As part of our celebration of all things bug this week, we had a very insect focussed session today. On the way into the forest we collected snails, slugs, worms and beetles to look at more closely. Rosy was hiding when we arrived,  so we had to do our best detective  ‘1,2,3, Where are you?’  to find her.

We made dens for ourselves, crossed the Burma bridge, built a boat to sail to Sweety Island and sang “In the Forest of Hogwood Its Where we go to see the Bugs” and much much more.

After snack we used tools in the forest for the first time. We whittled some Elder with peelers and used pegs to poke out the pith from outside. Ask your child how to hold the peelers and see if they can remember some of our safety tips. We noticed that the Elder was rough with the bark on and smooth when peeled. Our ‘Elder rooms’ are hopefully stashed in our backpacks to be left in your gardens as a quiet get away for a local bug. We bundled up more ‘rooms’ to make a bug hotel left at our Hogwood base. We’ll tap the ‘Hotel’ in a few weeks and hope to find some bug friends inside