Hide and Squeak

posted 3 May 2013, 04:02 by Rosy Ritchie   [ updated 3 May 2013, 04:03 ]
Wednesday 1 May 2013
This week we had a visit from an upset mouse. he squeaked that he had lost all friends during his morning walk in the forest. Luckily for the mouse the Freshford PreSchoolers came up with idea of retracing his steps back into the forest and finding them all. We found 20 lost forest creatures on our walk: Owls in the trees, rabbits in the primroses and a fox on the red boundary flag! The creatures all had a child to look after them. In the Forest we looked at a magnificent permanent den that some local children have been working on. It gave us lots of ideas and we spent most of the morning constructing our own dens with tarps, twine, sticks, logs and leaves. Rosy made a fire to heat the water for the kelly kettle and we all enjoyed some hot chocolate and a biscuit. We talked about fires and how to keep safe around them, what they need to keep them alive and how to put them out. We thought we might do some writing with the charred stick remains next week. This week we also had the excitement of a Burma Bridge to negotiate! Thank you so much for the prompt arrival and pick up times at Ambius. This is really helping to run the session smoothly. We are going to do some tool and wood work next week. Looking forward to it!