The Colours of the Forest

posted 28 Apr 2016, 03:04 by Rosy Ritchie

We are settling into our Forest routines well now and the children are very independent and sensible about putting on their hi viz jackets, walking along our route and carrying their own lunches. On the way into the forest we looked for flowers and leaves of different colours. When we gathered at the base tarp we had a look at the different things we had collected and talked about the colours we could see.  After we played on the rope bridge, it was very wobbly which made it even more fun, climbed trees, used large sticks to bash out some rhythms and wrote forest words on the clip board paper.

Many children helped to get snack ready:  Counting the cups, laying them out, collecting sticks for the fire and giving running commentaries on the state of the fire. Wonderful!

Before our picnic lunch we collected more colourful forest foliage to decorate our bookmarks. We hope they find their way into your bedtime story routines.

Forest ‘homework’: See if your child can remember the colours of the rainbow from our forest singing of the tune?