Tarzan Skills

posted 25 May 2016, 11:44 by Rosy Ritchie

We are starting to really notice the plants and foliage that we pass on our walk into the forest. Today we talked about the growing mace field; blew dandelion clocks and talked about how their seeds travelled; hunted for four leaf clovers and discovered some wild flowers to identify in our information books.

Together we went outside our boundary area at forest school, we ‘abseiled’ down a small bank with the help of a rope and a vine to hold onto. We discovered some King Alfred’s Cakes mushrooms, a burrow for bunny and much more in the trench at the bottom of the bank.

During snack we found out how a spark of fire can be kept alight all day inside the King Alfred Cake. During our play we created hedgehogs, horses with reins and climbed trees.  

Forest Homework: Make your own forest friend using wood, leaves, branches and stones. Take a photo and share it with us at carpet time.