Super Foresters

posted 28 Apr 2017, 02:42 by Rosy Ritchie

It was a bright morning that welcomed us to our first, full session at forest school. We are so lucky to have a garden to register and welcome our little group. We set off to find our forest base using a map that we had drawn. The group were great at walking, we got to our base in 25 minutes.

As will be our norm, we gathered together around the tarp, sang a song and talked about the forest rules. We talked about the importance of keeping safe in the forest so that we could have maximum fun! Most importantly we must stay inside the boundary flags and never go in the fire circle.  It was exciting doing a tour of the forest space we’ll play in, we even found the wild wee station!

Lots of children were keen to see how we set the fire and we had some great chats about smoke, steam and energy. After our hot choc, we read Superworm. Some woollen worms were hiding in the forest, we had to find them and make some forest creations with them. Some were easier to find than others so we talked about the word camouflage. Before our forest picnic the children could be found making fairy houses, climbing trees, balancing stick structures and playing hide and seek.

Forest Homework:  Ask your children what rules they can remember.  Look for photos and talk about Field Archery, next week we have a demonstration of the sport!