Super creatures (including Hedgehogs!)

posted 19 May 2017, 03:20 by Rosy Ritchie

Thank goodness for today’s bright day, a whole session outside was very welcome after yesterday’s rains.  The children arrived in good spirits and we started by talking about todays planned activities for the forest. The six grownups were given a creature hunt cards and as we walked in, the children helped to spot all the creatures on route.  These activities encourage the children to make better observations on our walk.

During our welcome chat, one of the children shared their hedgehog game with the group and we also had a chat about his magnifying glass. We then explored our play space and discovered a little woodland house, complete with a leaf carpet, and little chairs. It inspired many to make their own.

After hot choc we used clay, sticks and googley eyes to make our own hedgehog creations. We chatted about hedgehog habitats, food, hibernation and nocturnal creatures.

Forest Homework: Using scrap, make a home for your clay hedgehog. Bring it into preschool for us to admire at carpet time.