Ropes n Rain

posted 12 Jun 2017, 04:19 by Rosy Ritchie

Having scored the weather forecast we decided to be hardy and go ahead with forest school yesterday. As the saying goes… “Theres no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Our preschool where dressed for all weather action and we set off on our windiest walk into the forest yet. The adults love this walk as it’s a wonderful time to talk to individual children about what they notice, enjoy and think about things.

We found a shelter above our base tarp. We talked about how the shelter protects us and worked out that we should tie ribbons to the guy ropes to keep us from tripping over them.  Before snack we took two large ropes and went for an explore outside the boundary together. We discovered a high ditch (built as a tank trap in the 1940’s!). We tied the ropes to trees at the top of the bank then abseiled down to the bottom of the ditch. Everyone had a go and we could feel the children’s confidence grow as they persisted.

Snack time was arranged with a group effort, some children organising the mugs and others spooning our choc powder. How independent and responsible our Forest Schoolers are now.

After snack we used more ropes and string to construct at wobbly bridge, fishing rods, pulleys, swings and many other things.

We had made the right decision to proceed despite the shower forecast, the shelter of the forest saves us from much of the wind and rain and of course its exciting picnicking under a shelter together.

Forest Homework: With a squeeze of lemon, some Elderflower heads and a little sugar you could make your own Elderflower cordial (Citric acid, available from a chemist can be added for an extra zing!).