Robin Hood eat your heart out!

posted 5 May 2017, 05:02 by Rosy Ritchie

The children walked into the forest in a relaxed and confident fashion this week. How quickly they have adjusted to our new Forest School arrangements. We were excited to hear that some Field Archers were coming to talk to us today and we walked in with keen eyes spotting their archery targets: A bear, a racoon, a fox and a crocodile.

Once at our base we looked in the activity bag and found the tools to make our own arrows: Peelers, feathers and masking tape.

After hot choc and our new less sugary biscuits we welcomed Patrick and Simon. The archers chatted about their sport and the children listened with brilliant attention. We looked at their equipment and discovered some of the origins of archery. The archers then kindly demonstrated how to use the long bows and the paper rhino was hit on target almost every time!

Forest Homework: Think of a superpower to bring to the forest next week, we’ll be making magic wands to help magic up these powers.