Rain doesn’t spoil play

posted 30 Apr 2015, 04:08 by Rosy Ritchie   [ updated 30 Apr 2015, 04:08 ]

Having relocated to the playing fields at the Memorial hall we made the most of what turned out to be a beautiful morning of sunshine. Today we began by looking at our storm kettle and talking about how it worked, with a discussion on chimneys, dead wood that’s good for burning, what to do if you get burnt and never playing with matches. We set the fire together and helped gather sticks to keep it going. After snack we watched the fire be put out with water and used the charred sticks to draw on paper. Someone chose to draw the fire and fire circle which we know to stay on the outside of!

Later we split into small groups and made dens of all shapes and sizes, some of us had lavender, garlic and mint to cook with, some had ‘IPads’ made from mats,  there was a balloon made from inflated waterproof trousers and a leaf flag on a stick.  

Next week is the National week of the hedgehog; you can look forward to some spiky creations coming out of the forest.