Potions, Perfumes and Bug Hotels

posted 8 May 2013, 14:42 by Rosy Ritchie
We began our Forest adventures today with a collecting activity. On their walk into the forest the children gathered everything from Wild Garlic and Ivy to BlueBells and Celandines. They made them into potions or perfumes and talked about what their powers were or who they were for. We also talked about the weather and were pleased that Rosy had put up a shelter in case it rained later. We asked the children to help set up our camp by putting up red warning ribbons on the guide ropes and around the kettle fire. Two children helped hammer home the shelter pegs and everyone counted to twelve as we laid out the base tarp. Before snack some of us made dens, walked along the fallen tree trunk, wrapped wooden logs to trees and played zoo creature make believe games. Later we got the chance to use the Bow Saw and talked about how to use it safely. Then we whittled elder bark off sticks with peelers and took out the pith with pokey tent pegs. With all of this tool use we had created magnificent hotels for tiny bugs! Hopefully your child came home proudly armed with one. We left a bundled set of them in the forest. In three weeks it will hopefully have some interesting visitors for us to discover.
Next week it looks likely that we will not be able to park in the Ambius driveway in order to drop the children off. Ambius have sold the site and the gate will be padlocked. This means we need to be more rigorous with the car sharing and drop off routines on this single track lane. For next week could we ask you to drop off your group of children in the 'layby' at the Ambius entrance. The staff team and your feedback/suggestions will determine whether this continues to be the best arrangement for the start and finish of our Forest sessions.
Homework: Place the Bug Hotels somewhere sheltered for three weeks, wait for the bugs to visit. Happy hosting!