Pirates, parrots, planks and other pranks.

posted 10 Jun 2016, 02:18 by Rosy Ritchie

We had a pirate fun filled session in the forest this week. Some careless pirates had dropped their treasure along our route into our base. We found it all for them and this helped us to notice some new plants and forest features: Roots showing in the ground, Hawthorn blossom and Clover flowers.

Debbie and Emily built an extraordinarily excellent wobbly wooden bridge with lots of forest friends. We watched as the children gained confidence and balance each time they walked along it.

After our snack, we used some clay to make our own pirate parrots. We used sticks to perch them on, gave them some colourful  feathers , acorn cup eyes and wooden peaks. Wonderful fun.

Forest’ homework’: Talk together about how pencils look, work are made. Next week we’ll be making our own in the forest.