Paying attention to our world.

posted 1 Jul 2017, 01:30 by Rosy Ritchie
Today we became bird watchers. We found pictures of Woodpigeons, Starlings, Blackbirds, Robins, Great Tits and Blue Tits on our walk into the forest. We looked closely at the pictures and got into groups with others that held the same bird picture. We talked about facts to do with these native birds. 

At snack time we looked at the fire and thought about how the wood gives energy to the fire. We compared a burnt stick with an unburned one. We thought about the letter F for Fire and wrote it with our 'charcoal'. We used the burnt sticks to make marks on paper, dens and faces!

We found new wooden dens to explore and worked hard with the resources available to make new dens: Tarps, netting, rope, clips and pegs. Our new dens provide great dining rooms all over our boundary space today.