Nothing escapes our notice!

posted 20 Jun 2013, 06:28 by Rosy Ritchie
This week we came armed with binoculars and bird books. We looked and listened really carefully on our walk into the forest and spotted many wonderful birds. Many thanks to the kind Woodpigeons perched on the roof top which provided great talking material at the beginning of the session. We also spotted, a Thrush, some Robins, a Blue Tit and plenty of Crows. Everyone tried really hard to stop and listen to the birds singing as we walked through the Forest. It was a lovely peaceful moment. The children have been really developing thier observation skills about the changing forest too. Great questions like "Why is everything growing?", "Its much darker in the wood now isnt it", and "Why do you think that tree fell down? " cropped up.
Before snack lots of children gathered around the fire to feed it with collected sticks. Others were busy riding the tree trunk horse and wobbling along the Burma bridge.
After our hot chocolate we used the bow saw, a peeler and a pokey peg to make our own pencils. We used charcoal from the fire to act as lead. We were very excited about our crafting and most of us started writing with our pencils straight away on the paper pads.
Homework: Do some mark making with your forest pencils and bring it into PreSchool for us all to admire.
As there is nolonger a clash with the Freshford Schools sports morning we will now have a forest school session as normal next week. This means there are three forest sessions left this term. The last one being the 10th July.