Mobiles and Forest Fairies

posted 13 Jun 2013, 04:26 by Claudia Towner
This week we started by collecting flowers, grasses and sticks in the field on the way to Hogwood. We learnt to untwizzle a small section of string and then poke our collected items into the string. The string automatically twizzled back up again and kept the flowers, grasses and sticks in place. The end result is the mobile which we brought home.
Once in the woods we met Fergus the Forest Fairy who was sad as he had no friends. We made him some Forest Fairy friends from mud, shaped and stuck to trees with twigs, leaves, stones, and blossom for features. Afterwards some of us made a canoe, others played on a fallen tree that became a train, some became horses jumping over horse jumps made from branches, and others played on the popular Burma bridge.