Master builders

posted 18 Jun 2015, 02:22 by Rosy Ritchie

Today in the forest we were chief carpenters and builders. We all had a go at sawing Elder to create some pencils and jewellery. The children thought about how to position their bodies so as to keep themselves safe: Eyes on the saw, body to the side and non sawing hand holding Elder securely and at a distance from the tool.  See what the children can remember about the techniques we used.

We were also inspired by a wonderful parent volunteer to build a bridge across two trees. The children worked wonderfully as a team to find large branches to thread through the raft style rope bridge. Even Brunel would have been impressed by its sturdy nature as the children crossed from one tree to another.

Sadly, next week will be our final Forest Session for this academic year. Please come along and spend some time in the forest with your child if you have the time. We will be abseiling, using tools, building dens, making flags and roasting marshmallows.