Jungle Gym and Forest Powers

posted 21 May 2014, 13:51 by Rosy Ritchie

Today we began with a little light gym class on our trip into base camp. Jo helped us to swing on gates, climb over fences, side step on banks and balance along logs. Lazy Rosy was too busy camouflaging herself for the well loved 1,2,3 Where are you? game.

Once at base camp we talked about fires and how to make them with different types of materials, went over our forest rules and looked at a new tool: The bow saw. We talked about it having sharp teeth "like a crocodiles" (from one child) and "This saw likes to eat wood" (from another). Rosy demonstrated how to safely use the saw: Eyes on the tool, body and hands away. We all had a go at using it before snack.

     After hot choc Jo told us that she had noticed how interested in watches/bracelets with powers we had been last week. She said that had given her the idea of making bracelets with the children and they could decide what their forest treasure's powers would be. Everyone was very focused on the task at hand: Drilling holes with the hand drills, threading the elastic, decorating them and deciding on the treasures powers. At play the super powered adornments came in handy for making children invisible, creating large horns and helping them to fly! During lunch everyone was given the opportunity to show their creations and talk about what they had decided to make or what its powers would be.

   Forest School half term next week.