It's good to be back!

posted 18 Apr 2016, 03:16 by Rosy Ritchie

What a beautiful day welcomed us into the woods this year.  All the children were in good spirits when we set off and it was lovely to chat through our directions looking at the map we drew at PreSchool the previous day. We had some confident walkers and most children were able to carry their backpacks the whole way in.

When we arrived at our Forest Base we talked through the forest rules, practiced working out the boundary area and played hide and seek to find the fire circle and forest loo. The children did some further exploring whilst we set a fire, heating water in our storm kettle. Many children collected sticks to feed the fire.

After our traditional forest hot choc, we looked in the activity bag. The bag contains extra resources to support and extend the children’s play in the forest. It includes  peelers, tarps, nets, string, pens, paper and clipboards, pegs and much more!

It was lovely to picnic together in the forest for lunch. We walked back to the meeting point a different way, climbing a style which slowed us up a little. A huge thankyou to the lovely Mum who has volunteered her garden to help our drop off and pick up arrangements.

Forest ‘homework’ : Ask your child about to retell the route we took or get them to draw their own map about our little journey in. We'd love to share the maps at carpet time.