Iggle de piggle de in my pot. What magic have you got?

posted 19 Jun 2014, 01:55 by Rosy Ritchie
On the way into the forest today we took a leisurely pace not arriving till 10a.m! We were very busy collecting potion ingredients in our cups. We found Rosy hiding next to a newly position Burma rope bridge. Rosy had been having fun creating a forest friend later named Bernard. He had a tree trunk head, ivy hair and very long branched legs. After our traditional forest welcome song the children read out the forest rules loud and clear. We are so proud of many of our quieter children now speaking so confidently in front of us all. Then we talked about our potions, found sticks to stir them and sang our above mentioned potion mixing song to conjure up the magic. The children had some creative ideas about the powers of their mixtures: Turning into fairies that grant wishes, princesses, rocket fueled jets, super strength and horns!
        Later everyone helped Jo to make a hedgehog out of things we could find in the forest and we all went with the adults to create our own woodland art: A shy squirrel, fox, an house with rooms and a ladder for a monkey and hedgehog, a crocodile and a racing car. Before lunch we all looked at each others work in our woodland art gallery. 
     Next week we shall be getting creative again and need your old socks (adult sized and brightly coloured preferred)! Please drop off to Preschool by Tuesday at the latest.