Horsey Horsey Don’t You Stop

posted 25 Jun 2014, 14:16 by Rosy Ritchie

At our penultimate Forest School in Hog Wood this year we crafted something fabulous. We read a wonderful story donated by one of our clever mums and it inspired us to make hobby horses, dragons and dogs.  Before we knew it, a bagful of odd socks were being stuffed with hay to make heads and bodies whilst sticks were recruited to become spines and limbs.

Our grown up helpers knew we had enjoyed making them as they were kept very busy before lunch. Some were helping to make stick hurdles for horses to jump over, hungry animals needed feeding with plenty of dry leaves and Millie the dog had to be tethered with twine at lunch time in case she frightened the horses in the stable!

We were glad we had good steeds to carry us home as we didn’t want to be late for pick up and it gave us time to watch some summer hay baling as we galloped by!

Forest School 2014 graduate ceremony next week. Expect Marshmallows!