Helping Hands and Bog Babies

posted 7 May 2014, 14:51 by Rosy Ritchie
Today we began our forest session with a woodland creature hunt. Badger, Robin, Rabbit and their friends led the way to our base camp. Once there we discovered Owl had left us some shelter pegs and red ribbon to help Rosy with the forest jobs. We also used our helping hands to pull the Burma Bridge rope good and tight for later balancing and climbing fun. Great team work!
      During snack we were so pleased we had all put up the shelter as it started to rain and we sang songs about woodland creatures to help keep us cheery. Next Jo read us a wonderful story about a Bog Baby. We were all really captivated,  it inspired us to make our own forest creations from clay, leaves, sticks and feathers. To mention a few we had million head lions, flying bananas, aliens and giraffes.
   In the forest next week we will be thinking carefully about our senses: A touch sense walk in and a sound sense activity.