Garlic breadsticks and Stick Man

posted 21 Apr 2016, 02:50 by Rosy Ritchie

On our second visit to the Forest we began a spring detective journey, finding Celandine's, Bluebell's, buds and Dogs Mercury. We talked through our Forest Rules and focused on some plants being poisonous and that we only eat what the grownups are happy is safe, or that we have brought onto the forest ourselves. We sniffed out some wild garlic and became chefs by mixing it with lemon, olive oil, parmesan and almond. We used bread sticks to test out our recipe, many of us decided to have a second taste at lunch later.

During snack we listened to The Stick Man story, by Julia Donaldson.  We made some of our own stick people using pipe cleaners, leaves and wool to give our creations arms, legs, clothes and hair.

Forest ‘Homework’ : Bring to Preschool your own spring discoveries, such as buds, blossom, spring flowers and young spring animal pictures.