Forest celebration

posted 29 Jun 2016, 11:42 by Rosy Ritchie

Todays forest school showed us all how much the children have developed over this last year. We had so many children wanting to share their ideas, join in and try out new experiences.

It was an enormous shame, of course, to have to run an indoor ‘Forest’ session but as always our lovely children and their enthusiastic parents and grandparents made the most of the time we all had together. In the main hall we had some good dens created, scrap packs explored and many new games invented. Hot choc was delicious and so where the melty marshmallows.

We all had the chance to explore Unu, drills, hammers, nails and sandpaper in a kind of wood work workshop after snack. Many made an Elder necklace for showing later at carpet time. In true team work style the children are now so good at, everyone contributed wonderfully to tidying up, there was alot to do!

Thank you so very much for all the yummy contributions to a shared lunch together. It made the session feel more unique. The children waited for each other before starting; we have to squeeze in those little lessons on manners where we can!

Our session ended with some fun Forest Certificates. They are a reminder of all the children have been developing during their time in the forest: Resilience, independence, creativity, perseverance, bravery, cooridination.....................