Forest Adventures in 2014

posted 28 Apr 2014, 13:39 by Rosy Ritchie
It was so wonderful to be back in the real forest again and we were really pleased with how our children found their forest feet so quickly.
We used a map we had drawn together to find our way to our base camp. Everyone made careful observations of the thatched roof being repaired, the recently ploughed field and the bluebells and celandines in the forest. We enjoyed a grand tour of our base and laughed about the 'luxury' toilet, then played a game of hide and seek to test our understanding of the boundary. Before snack time we pretended to be in tree ships with stick food and made dens by propping large branches together. Lots of children kindly encouraged Rosy to keep going at lighting the fire. They sang made up fire lighting songs and collected lots of dry sticks and were eventually rewarded with hot chocolate! During our drink we talked about how it is good to keep trying when things are hard. Rosy had felt like giving up with the fire but we were glad she hadn't. Before we left we made some Forest crowns out of as many different leaves as we could find and wore them on our way out of the forest.
Next week we will be making wild garlic pesto to eat and building homes for some forest friends.