Flower Power

posted 3 Jul 2013, 12:41 by Rosy Ritchie
Today in the Forest we were lucky enough to have the option of 8 helpers! Unfortunately for Jo this ment she was sent off to do some much needed filing back at PreSchool. Sorry Jo!
We thought about flowers as we walked in, gathering some for use in our crafting activity later. When we arrived at our base a clever Mummy volunteer helped us to listen to the forest birds talking. She was able to identify some of their sounds and showed us pictures of what they looked like. We have the pictures on display at Pre-School. After that we went through our Forest rules,  even the quieter children are now having a go at reading them out loud. We noticed that our boundary flags were missing. We played a game to put the flags in place, the children are SO independent in the forest they hardly need any grown ups with them anymore!
     After snack we looked at our giant Bow Saws, we talked about the sharp edge and how powerful the saw would be for cutting. We each investigated the smell, look and feel of a small disc of cut Hazel. We talked about what the rings represented on the Hazel slice. Rosy demonstrated cutting another slice with the Special Forest Helper of the day. We all had a go at cutting another disc and made Flower Presses from the wood. We pressed some interestingly named flowers: Dog Rose and Herb Robert.
    Before lunch we even managed to squeeze in a little light abseilling with the support of a Daddy helper.
 Thankyou to all that have volunteered this term at Forest School , we hope you enjoy it as much as the children and staff do. Sadly next week will be our last PreSchool Forest School session this term. I sense the need for consolation in Toasted Marshmellows.