Farewell and Thankyou

posted 25 Jun 2015, 02:09 by Rosy Ritchie

Another gloriously warm day welcomed us  into the forest this morning.  Although the lane was busier than usual,with enormous lorries, delivery vans and dumper trucks. In true forest style we pulled together, problem solved and journeyed onward.

Our forest leavers hid in the forest for the younger children to find. There were so many leavers that the little ones didn’t take too long, even with our clever owl hoots to mislead them into thinking we were feathered creatures.

During our whole group session we looked at the activity plan the children had devised in preschool They had decided that in their last session in the wood they would like to: Abseil, bridge walk, den build, tree climb, create and roast marshmellows. Who are we to say no? We all set to work on our various plans of play for the day.

At snack time, there was good news and bad. There was no hot choc (fire had been busy roasting) but we had got some homemade Elderflower cordial. We looked at the Elder flowers and talked about how the cordial was made. Fortunately most children gave it the thumbs up.

After, we had the chance to make forest flags if we chose to.

Before leaving the forest we held a celebration activity to clap each other and receive our Forest Certificates. We hope they will help to remind your child of all the wonderful things they achieved whilst at Forest School with us.

See you again soon lovely forest.