Den creations and decorations!

posted 9 May 2016, 10:58 by Rosy Ritchie

On yet another glorious day we ventured into the forest for a fun filled morning of explorations. The children were set a challenge on the way into our camp - to see if they could find different ways of moving; this spurred on lots of thinking around one of our favourite stories, which is then innovated 'We're going on a bear hunt' to a space hunt! Great ideas were shared during the walk in, with lots of walking around, tip toeing, hopping, jumping and the suggestion of flying! After the initial safety re cap of the rules where the children amazed the grown ups with their super recall, the children then went off to explore. The Burma bridge was higher today, and wobbly, which the children had a great time balancing across, and causing to wobble more!
After the highly anticipated and enjoyed snack and hot choc, the children were placed into groups, and given resources to create dens! As we have been thinking about space this week, this theme came through in the den creations, with one becoming a space ship, along with it's very own space ship control station and detachable steering wheels! Another amazing den not only had a cosy inside, but it's very own trampoline roof! The other very creative den had some home comforts -  a rocking chair log and it's very own flower made light! The dens were put to good use for a picnic, after which we made our way out of the forest. Although in the forest it is nice and shaded, the walk back gets warm, so sun hats and light layers would make this walk more bearable please!