Celebrating the Men in Our Lives

posted 16 Jun 2017, 04:36 by Rosy Ritchie
We are taking a leisurely approach to our walk into the forest this year. Roughly 30 minutes it takes us. All are happy to stroll along, and its more about the distraction of the surroundings rather than a lack of energy.
Before revisiting the abseiling experience, we had a chat about litter and rubbish. We thought about how beautiful the forest is and how important it is to keep it this way by taking our rubbish out with us rather than leaving anything behind. Before snack we practised our whistle drill. All the child came quickly back to the tarp when they heard its sound.
The free forest play now has some fabulous established patterns: Children on tree trunk motorbikes/boats/horses riding to rescue friends/dragons/baby animals and children climbing trees, swinging from trees and hugging trees where ever you look. Wonderful.
For our main activity, we got out some real tools in the form of a saw and hand drills. We looked at how to use them safely. We made some gorgeous gifts for all our God Fathers and Fathers for Sundays celebrations. Hope the men in their lives like them we certainly enjoyed making them for you.
Forest Homework: We have noticed that the children are not confident at their tree names and identification. We’ll do lots more focus on this in the final three forest sessions. At home collect some leaves and make a labelled poster to help support this area of interest and knowledge. We’d love to share it at preschool carpet time.