Camouflage Kids

posted 10 Jun 2015, 13:40 by Rosy Ritchie

Today was all about camouflage.  On the way into the woods we found lots of creatures hiding. Some were easier to spot than others and at base tarp time we talked about  the camouflage and habitats of different animals. We had to work hard to find Rosy,  she had camouflaged herself with Horse Chestnut leaves and her face was covered in charcoal marks! Many children chose to keep Rosy company with some camouflaged faces of their own.

We enjoyed pursuing our own other interests after snack: Burma bridge wobbling, horse jumping, den building, whittling and minibeast detection.  Before home time, Mr Robin joined us. He was hungry so we had a mission to find some worms for him. Jo had hidden some woollen worms around the outside of our boundary. We dashed off together in search of his lunch. We discovered the brightly coloured worms first and the brown, black and green worms last. This led to more chat about colours and camouflage.

Our windy day today blew away the midges but made some of us chilly. Please make sure you dress the children according to the forecast. We can always take layers off.