1, 2, 3 Where are you?

posted 26 Jun 2013, 12:42 by Rosy Ritchie
Feeling adventurous we took part in an assualt course during our walk into the forest. We climbed over the high gate, swung on the kissing gate, walked along a tight rope tree trunk, hung from the monkey bars and scrambled under some low branches. "I'm hungry" said a child when we arrived at our base. No wonder we thought we had used up lots of our breakfast energy already!
After that we met a soft toy bird called Robin. He was also feeling hungry. He had no energy to fly and so the children offered to help him by collecting woolly, wiggly worms. The Forest Schoolers found them all around our forest base. We found the bright coloured worms first and the forest coloured worms last. That made us think really hard about the word 'Camouflage'. We worked out that the worms that were brown, green and white were much better camoflaged than the pink, red and blue worms. Later Team Green Grasshopper, Team Black Beetle and Team Brown Owl made some camoflage dens of their own. We also found Robin hiding in the logs but we could see him easily because of his bright red breast.
Before lunch we played with the worms and birds, became vets, built dens and drew pictures.
Next week we are making Hazel flower presses in the Forest. We would love to have any flowers from your gardens to support the activity. Donations welcome as you sign in your child at the Ambius drop off.