Our Prospectus provides comprehensive information about our Pre-school, including more information about our daily routines and activities, and a summary of some of our most important policies and procedures. Please read this before completing our online Registration form as you will be asked to confirm your agreement to some of our policies, such as our Fees and Donations Policy within the registration form.

We also invite all parents to visit the Pre-School before filling in our Registration form as this enables you to meet the staff, and see our setting.
Please telephone the Pre-school on 07928 013998 during Pre-school sessions to make an appointment.

Please also email our Business Manager, Jen Harper, at to discuss availability of sessions before completing the Registration form. We require all children to attend a minimum of two sessions each week. This helps children to settle into the Pre-school more quickly, and to feel more integrated into our weekly programme of activities. Our full Admissions Policy explains our criteria for offering places at Freshford Pre-school.

We invite all new applicants to consider making a voluntary donation towards the Pre-school's registration costs. This donation covers the costs associated with new children joining the Pre-school. We offer at least one free taster session in the summer term before your child starts and a home visit from your child's key worker. All these activities involve extra staff time which is not covered by the Early Years Entitlement grant.
We would like to recommend a donation of £30, although more or less would be welcome. We must also emphasise that this donation is optional and you will still be offered the same introductory sessions whether you have made a donation or not. If you would like to make a donation then please do so through our Mydonate account so that we can recover the Gift Aid.

Whilst the majority of our Pre-School children go on to attend Freshford Church of England Primary School, attendance at Freshford Pre-School does not guarantee a Reception place for your child at the school.  Parents are required to apply for a place at Freshford School through their local authority via the annual school applications process. If you have any queries about this process, please contact Freshford School or your local authority.